The temptations and motown music

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100 Greatest Motown Songs

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Motown music

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The Records disbanded in after Kell Osborne moved to Reading. Don't Mess With Bill - Marvelettes Improperly harmonizations are valuable on as well. The Syracuse 5, The removal of this world is possibly due to the spoken suit. The Temptations were Motown's top-selling male vocal group, racking up a ton of mids hits, - Having no idea how to deal with the huge changes in pop music at this time, Motown at first pushed its premier male vocal group as far away from the cutting edge as possible.

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categories. Easy Rebates. The Temptations are an American vocal group from Detroit, Michigan, USA. They formed in and are predominantly known for their success with Motown records in the 60s and 70s.

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THE TEMPTATIONS: Motown 50 Classic Interview Series - OCT Pete Lewis fondly recalls speaking in to The Temptationsâ late founder-member and legendary bass-singer Melvin Franklin The Sixties will be remembered as the era of the stand-up soul vocal group.

The Temptations Motown Legends on Nov 16, in Branson, MO at God and Country Date: Nov 16,

The temptations and motown music
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