The life and influence of ed gein weird old eddie

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Eddie Gein: Serial Killer & Biography

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Ed Gein – Farmhouse of Human Flesh Horrors

He then glided her body from the bar to a student he had placed outdoors. Oh Ed reported his brother missing. "Weird old Eddie", as the local community know him, had begun to develop a deeply unhealthy interest in the intimate anatomy of the female body - and interest that was fed by medical encyclopedias, books on anatomy, pulp horror novels and pornographic magazines.

It wasn’t long before the community Gein lived in, Plainfield, Wisconsin, began to call him “weird old Eddie”. Ed’s female anatomy fascination grew and he began exhuming corpses from local graveyards.

He would dissect the bodies and fashion trophies and keepsakes for his home. Also, the murders happened in a very small town in central Wisconsin, a town most people have never heard of.

Make no mistake though, Ed Gein was one of the worst of the worst. Here are 15 shocking facts about Ed Gein sure to shake you at the core. The purpose of this page is to provide information on Ed Gein, the 'real' American Psycho. It is in " no way " to serve a tribute to this man or his ghastly deeds, but rather to recognize him as a source that forever shaped the way we watch horror today.

Deviant, The Shocking True Story of Ed Gein, the Original “Psycho” Is the life story of Edward Gein. Ed Gein was born on August 27, to a George and Augusta Gein. Augusta had hoped for a girl since her first born was a boy but it did not work out that way.

Serial Killer Ed Gein Crime Scene Photos

Watch video · Ed Gein was a notorious killer and grave robber. His activities inspired the creation of some of film's most infamous characters, including Norman Bates of .

The life and influence of ed gein weird old eddie
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Ed Gaein, Butcher of Plainfield, (August 27, - July 26, )