Mike harris and the ontario conservative

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Mike Harris

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Ontario Tories turf MPP Michael Harris over sexting allegations

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They include Mike Harris Jr., the son of former Ontario premier Mike Harris, who led a Tory government in the province for nearly seven years from to A popular constituency MPP, Naqvi took on high-profile cabinet roles in the Liberal government, overseeing Ontario’s jails, police forces, and most recently the justice system as attorney general.

Mike Harris (Kitchener—Conestoga) Current parliamentary roles. Member, Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly. Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario June 7, – present. Current riding. Kitchener—Conestoga.

Riding representation. Kitchener—Conestoga. 42nd Parliament. At a.m. Monday, the Star asked Conservative Leader Doug Ford’s office about a “Friday conference call that was held to discuss Michael Harris’s candidacy.” There were 13 people on.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (French: Parti progressiste-conservateur de l'Ontario), often shortened to Ontario PC Party or PC, is a centre-right conservative political party in Ontario, Canada. They include Mike Harris Jr., the son of former Ontario premier Mike Harris, who led a Tory government in the province for nearly seven years from to

Mike harris and the ontario conservative
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Mike Harris Jr., son of former premier, will run for Tories in Ont. election - CityNews Toronto