Life in the 1960s and today

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Cults Today: A New Social-Psychological Perspective

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Comparing today with the ’60s

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Parenting in America

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The s were one of the most tumultuous decades in American history, signified by racial tensions, political assassinations, the war in Vietnam, and generational discord.

Facebook Twitter. Some things only improve with age: oak trees, hard cheeses, George Clooney Some novels, also, get better and better; remove them from the initial hype and throw in some historical context and the time to reread (and reread and reread), and you’re left with the most stimulating and rewarding of texts.

Life in Retirement: The s vs. Today.

Then and Now: Comparing Today's Student Activism With the 1960s

by Bill Ness on June 24th, No Comments. Share this post: What was retirement like in the s versus retirement today? It was far easier to retire and have a decent life during the s than it is today.

Life was simpler and less expensive. There was predictability in receiving Social Security.

The Short Life—and Awesome Resurgence—of the Aluminum Christmas Tree

Life During the ’s Essay; Life During the ’s Essay. Words 3 Pages. Life in the s was both better for the people and significantly different to life today. When comparing the s and today, there are many significant differences.

The s held events that were unique to that era, such as the Vietnam War and the landing. For a short window in the s, aluminum Christmas trees gleamed in living rooms nationwide—but this glorious, glittering reign would be all too brief.

Within the decade, they were relegated to.

Life in the 1960s and today
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The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda